Where do friends meet to Eat, Drink and…Shisha?

Welcome to Shisha Hut. A little something different, a place where you get the best shisha experience along with great service.

A relaxed, friendly environment for sharing exotic shisha flavours, a place for great conversations or a simple place to just hang out.

What is Shisha?

Shisha goes by many aliases. Hookah, Hooka, Argilah, Hubbly Bubbly, Nargilah or Narghile depending on where you are or where you are from, but we like ‘shisha’.

Shisha has been around for hundreds of years, and whether you credit its invention to the Persians, Turks, or Indians is open to debate. We, however, are happy to credit all of them for giving us this awesome concept. We simply enjoy the experience, the art and flavours of shisha. Now right here in the Western Cape, at Shisha Hut.

“Surrounded by Shisha smoke, we sit here and speak about yesterday, today and tomorrow”
– Anon

Why Shisha Hut?

Our shisha journey has some interesting origins in itself for Marathon Restaurants.

We currently operate Pizza Hut restaurants throughout the Western Cape, and it was our CEO Tony, who set us on the shisha journey. To make the story even stranger, Tony is an Australian, working here in South Africa. With no Middle Eastern, Persian, or Indian origin himself, he is a 20+ year ‘connoisseur’ of shisha (or so he tells us).


Our Journey Begins

His first shisha experience was in 1997 in Luxor, Egypt on the banks of the Nile. Following a hiatus from shisha, the early 2000’s saw Tony working in the Middle East for 6 years where the shisha bug was ‘hooked’. There it’s a cultural part of doing business (again, so he tells us). With a nose for finding shisha around the globe for his personal use, Tony’s search began in Cape Town last year. While some venues ticked the box in most aspects he was looking for, an ‘opportunity’ was discovered to ‘do it better’. An opportunity to create a location that would suit all the needs of Cape Town’s shisha lovers.

How are we different?

Shisha Hut takes lessons from shisha venues locally and around the globe and we have a simple philosophy. We have taken the good points we’ve seen and simply replicated or improved them. Where we’ve seen opportunities, we’ve endeavored to make it better!

We want Shisha Hut to be a place that will meet all your needs. You can work here, meet friends here, have a drink, have a tea or coffee. Be comfortable here or just kill time and hang with your mates or on your own, all while enjoying great stress free shisha.

If you want to work we have comfortable seating with proper table heights, free WiFi, ample power points and USB charge points to allow you to be productive – much better.

If you want to have a quick drink or something to eat by your self or with others we have a fully stocked bar that’s open daily from 11am until late for alcoholic, and non alcoholic options. We also offer you a large range of pizzas and sides.

If you want to meet friends/ significant other/ chill/ hang out we have bar seats, stools, private booths, couches and bean bags. Simply choose what type of seat you want – much better.

If you want to ‘escape’  we are open daily from early ’til late.

If you want good Shisha we only serve quality Al Fakher tobacco, and have an extensive range all served fresh and fast. (So no more 30 minute waits). We won’t limit you to a number of coals, or charge you stupid prices for extra coals (we actually charge you nothing).

You also won’t need to search for your shisha master or someone to assist you, because we have your back! In addition we have some pretty cool Shisha pipes which are meticulously cleaned after every use for your safety – much better.

Shisha Hut has it all covered along with a great team to make your time with us enjoyable and memorable and a great place to do the basics – EAT, DRINK & SHISHA.

We’re pretty sure you will run into Tony there on many nights, go and say hi!

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