Want to own your own Shisha Hut? Send us your info and a representative will be in touch.

The Shisha Hut brand has operated within Cape Town since 2018 and grown to be known as the ‘go to’ place for great shisha and amazing service in a relaxed atmosphere. Throughout this period we have battled not only the start up of a new brand and concept, but the global Covid pandemic, and as the world gradually recovers, we have continued to build on our model and work behind the scenes in readiness for the next phase of our growth – franchising!

Shisha Hut is now officially ready to commence growing our brand and bring the concept of -EAT, DRINK, SHISHA far and wide and allowing some of our biggest fans – You – the chance to become a franchise partner with us and grow the business together.

Over the last 3 years, and in our journey, we have learnt a lot, changed a lot and now have the readiness to grow Shisha Hut as a franchise. We have completed all the hard work, and made all the mistakes along the way – as you should when you wish to franchise.

A few of our key details for franchising, if this is something that may be of interest to you to consider if this is a fit for you.

What’s it cost?

Our existing locations have been conversions where we have spilt existing Pizza Hut locations into two seperate business, thereby re-building and refitting an existing restaurant. Our costs on this have varied between R250,000 to just over R500,000, plus stock and small wares. Our initial franchise fee is R150,000 for a 5 year agreement and royalty is 5% of revenue, plus a marketing fund of 3% of revenue.

How do I apply?

If you think this may be something that would work for you, simply fill in the form on this page and attach your CV so we can learn a bit more about you and your situation, and we shall be in contact with you to discuss further.


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    Please note: This is simply an expression of interest in a franchising opportunity and does not indicate any guarantee or offer of acceptance as a Shisha Hut franchisee now or in the future. All information should be completed as accurately as possible, and shall be used in determining suitability for potential partners. At the time of officially accepting Franchise Applicants, a complete Application Form will be supplied for suitable applicants, and a selection process including Interviews, Credit and Police checks will be undertaken.